NISSCO links suppliers with one of the industry's largest group of distributors. Our incentive programs, annual buying conference and business services deliver results and secure long-term business for suppliers.


Through NISSCO's industry programs and business and marketing services, distributors gain competitive advantages that create thriving, lasting distributorships.


End Users today are looking for great prices on leading brands, quick delivery times on products and great customer service. NISSCO provides distributors the pricing, tools and programs to compete for today’s end users.

Why Choose Nissco

  • Raising the Buying Group Concept to New Levels

    Our network of 225 independent JanSan distributors and 80 preferred suppliers generates over $2 billion in annual purchasing power, and we understand the independent distribution channel like no other buying group.
  • Committed to the Supplier-Distributor Relationship

    We know the supplier-distributor bond is the cornerstone of the JanSan business. Everything we do at NISSCO is focused on driving supplier products through distribution to the end user, and all of our activities, initiatives and programs link suppliers and distributors together for mutual success.
  • Offering Competitive Advantages

    We improve efficiencies and grow businesses through access to affordable technologies, marketing strategies and e-commerce tools.
  • Potential for New Revenue

    NISSCO members gain direct access to over 225 independent distributors and over 80 preferred suppliers. Our team works with you to increase your exposure to these new sources of revenue and grow your business.