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While reading an article that was recently published in the Harvard Press about the importance of holding meetings in both educational and business environments, I realized that I was subconsciously taking notes on how the NISSCO Buying Conference measured up to the requirements of a “good meeting” as established by the educators and meeting professionals surveyed for this study. These professionals concluded that meetings are still the most important and effective way for people to communicate and accomplish goals – even in our advanced technological society.

      • Purpose: to bring our Supplier Partners and Distributor Members together to discuss new product developments, market challenges, business goals, and strategies to individually grow their businesses.
      • Process:   our Conference agenda insures thatby the end of the entire event, every single Distributor has met with all Suppliers in attendance. One on one. Not interrupted, not sharing their time with another company. These meetings are focused, timed, and choreographed so that no one is overlooked.
      • Preparation:   months of preparation by the NISSCO staff are required to bring all pieces of the Conference together, but the preparation done by our Supplier and Distributor attendees is crucial to the success of the event. Those attendees who take the time to prepare for their one on one meeting sessions walk away with the best Conference experience – hands down. The prepared attendee comes with questions in hand, orders ready to place, opportunities ready to share.
      • Pacing: we keep the schedule moving for attendees so that no time is wasted. Seminars, rotation meetings, meals, and social events are all used for networking and growth. And, we schedule time for relaxation and rest as well. There is often as much “business” processed during “down time” as there is during the rotation sessions.

Great meetings are invigorating. The purpose is clear, and achieving the goal is important to everyone involved. There is an agenda and the group moves through the agenda with purpose in mind. Everyone participates in and contributes to the meeting. Even if the work is challenging, in a great meeting there are often periods during which the group is in a state of “flow,” experiencing creativity and connection. And, at the most basic level, great meetings are also fun.




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