AEP Industries, Inc. is a one-source solutions for all your packaging needs, including in-house printing for food and beverage products, industrial products, agricultural production and more. Our extensive portfolio includes over 15,000 products, allowing us to fulfill all your packaging requirements.

When we started our business in 1970 in Lodi, New Jersey, we focused exclusively on producing polyethylene bags. Today, our Custom Films Division continues to produce the highest-quality products backed by a commitment to serving you – our customers. We have the top market share in the industry, producing over 400 million pounds of polyethylene bags each year, but we have branched out to produce a variety of other packaging products.

We are a leading producer of agricultural products, including silage bale wrap, and we offer the most sophisticated solutions for storing silage, protecting crops from weeds and weather, boosting crop growth and purifying soil before planting.

We also offer professional food wrap films, extensive blown film lines, high speed printing, food and utility bags, can liners and over 15,000 other types of flexible and multi-purpose packaging films to meet all your needs.


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