Cascades Tissue Group produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibers. The Corporation employs more than 12,000 men and women, who work in over a hundred production units in North America and Europe.

Cascades is committed to sustainable development, innovation and human resources. With its management philosophy, half a century of experience in recycling and continuous efforts in research and development as driving forces, Cascades continues to serve its clients with innovative products. Cascades’ shares trade on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CAS.

Long before sustainable development became fashionable, Cascades was putting it into practice instinctively. The Corporation has always believed that remaining true to its principles is the only way forward. It was, in fact, born out of a form of sustainable development: the recovery of waste paper. Since then, the Corporation hasn’t looked back, working continually to improve its practices.


Danielle Schoen
9976 Old Frederick Road
Ellicott City, MD 21042

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Product Categories:

Paper and/or Food Service Products
Paper Products – Tray Covers, Placemats, Napkins
Paper Products – Towel and Tissue