Chase Products can provide you with a wide range of aerosol household products, paints, insecticides, automotive, bench, craft, and personal care products. Whether you’re buying one of our proven brands of spray products for your business, or searching for a company to manufacture your own private label aerosol products, you can depend on Chase.

A privately held company, Chase Products occupies a unique manufacturing and marketing position in the industry. We are able to concentrate on meeting the immediate needs of our customers, without being constrained by earnings reports, stock prices, and influences from the financial community.

Environmental responsibility is just one part of Chase’s quality improvement processes. Formulas, propellants, packaging and procedures are constantly being refined.

In today’s market, aerosol products are solidly positioned in terms of consumer satisfaction and environmental soundness. The strategy of Chase Products, as a major aerosol manufacturer, is to offer these products through the most comprehensive, effective, economical and convenient programs available, ensuring repeat sales and satisfied customers.

Chase is equipped to meet the volume requirements and address all other aspects of your aerosol program quickly and efficiently. From our Legal and Regulatory Affairs staff to our graphic artists, from our manufacturing lines to our shipping department, we have the internal capacity to meet your needs.


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Product Categories:

Polishes – Furniture, Metal, Plastic
Cleaning Chemicals – Brand Name/Private Label
Insect and Rodent Control Chemicals and Devices