Established in 1955, Fortune Plastics Inc. extrudes and converts plastic flexible packaging products from its four production facilities in Connecticut, Tennessee, Florida and Arizona. We are one of the oldest can liner manufacturers in business, with  an unrivaled distribution service network and an extensive product range for our customers in retail, industrial, food and service markets.

We manufacture can liners, small poly bags, healthcare bags, deli grocery and carryout items, supermarket items, foodservice products and industrial products for sale through all channels of distribution.

While each production location manufactures and stocks over 400 items for immediate shipment, a significant part of our production is customized to meet specific customer needs. We can print from one color and one-sided to four colors and double-sided. Low density, super hexene, high density, and metallocene are among the standard raw materials we convert in addition to additives such as EVA, antistat, color concentrates and other resin blends.

Fortune Plastics is a leader in environmental stewardship. Products such as compostable bags and products made from reprocessed resin have been part of our offering for many years. Our latest product innovation, the COMP-LETE™ waste bag, which has been certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, is suitable for bagging garden and food waste and composts completely.

To maintain and develop our low cost producer status we have recently invested in high-speed wicketing equipment, state-of-the-art gauge control and major extrusion upgrades throughout all our manufacturing locations.

At Fortune Plastics, we are proud to be recognized as one of the top manufacturers of flexible packaging in the United States. We are committed to developing our reputation as the preferred national packaging solutions company, delivering innovation and service efficiencies to our customers.


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