Nifty Products is a recognized leader in the packaging products industry. For over 25 years, we have been committed to selling distributors, catalogs, and retailers a variety of products that we manufacture, convert, and/or import. Located in central New Jersey, Nifty Products has strategic alliances with U.S. and global manufacturers. By selling only through distributors, catalogs and retailers, we leave the way clear for distributors to work directly with their customers selling them the best assortment for their particular geographic and industrial marketplace. We are committed to providing a wide variety of standard and unique products and also to consistently introducing new and innovative products as the markets change and build through technical and other advances. We provide end-users of our products with answers to product and market questions and connect them with a key distributor in their area.
Our product line consists of stretch film, tape, dispensers, strapping, and related packaging and shipping products. We provide diversity within each product area – including various sizes and styles of an item and the complementary products needed to best use them. Extended core stretch film comes with special dispensing systems in every case and is sold along side of standard commodity stretch film and dispensers. Tapes range from simple carton sealing tapes to heavy duty and specialty tapes – all with dispensers of varying types and styles. In addition to poly and steel strapping, we have tools, accessories, and complete, self contained strapping kits. Our supermarket of supplies also includes simple products that round out the line and make us your one-stop shop – packing list envelopes, knives, markers, and more. We back up all sales with great customer service, quick turnaround, and excellent product quality.


Harriett Feld
4 Jocama Blvd
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

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